Sensible Tips for Shopping for Kitchen Light Fixtures
Sensible Tips for Shopping for Kitchen Light Fixtures

Sensible Tips for Shopping for Kitchen Light Fixtures


There’s more to kitchen light fixtures than meets the eye. It may be tempting to just buy a light bulb or fluorescent tube and get it done and over with. You should remember though that it is always best to pick fixtures that are especially suited for your kitchen.

Kitchen Purpose
The first step is to find out what you will be using your kitchen for. This seems obvious because all kitchens are essentially intended for food preparation. This is why task lights are always a must for any kitchen. These are the types of lights that provide clear, directional lighting to counters and stoves to ensure clean and safe food preparation.

Sensible Tips for Shopping for Kitchen Light Fixtures
Sensible Tips for Shopping for Kitchen Light Fixtures

Kitchens however can also be used for other purposes. One major alternative purpose is for dining. Instead of eating on a formal table, you may prefer to have family gatherings or romantic meals on your kitchen counter. In these cases, you have to choose lights that can be set to create the right mood. For kitchens with multiple uses, you can choose multiple sets of separately controlled lights. Task lights with decorative accents and dimmers may also be appropriate.

Kitchen Size and Dimension
You can easily get taken in by excellent looking fixtures. You have to find out first though whether the fixtures you like fit the size and dimension of your kitchen. It should go without saying that small kitchens will look preposterous with a large chandelier.

Often, size choices go beyond appearance considerations. The size of your kitchen light fixtures can also actually affect kitchen functionality. Very long and large pendant lights for example can be excellent task lights but they can obstruct your line of sight especially if you have a low ceiling. Fixtures with ceiling fans may also be inappropriate for small rooms because they can create a stroboscopic light effect if they are positioned close to other fixed task lights. Obviously, recessed task lights that are too big to fit the available space under your counter are virtually useless.

Kitchen Theme and Design
Like many homeowners, you might want to have a kitchen that can impress and delight. If this is so, you need light fixtures that can complement, highlight or match your kitchen theme. Sometimes this entails making choices that go beyond your personal taste and preference.

Take a good look at the impression that you want to create. If you have an ultra modern kitchen with appliances to match, choose fixtures that have minimalist and simple designs in coated steel. Traditional, homey kitchens may do better with bronze coated fixtures with more intricate details.

You can easily shop for kitchen light fixtures online. You just have to carefully look at fixture dimensions and read user reviews to get good matches for your kitchen. Ideally though, you should consider shopping for lights on foot. Seeing the actual fixtures in a showroom will help you make better choices you would be happy with. Just make sure you have your kitchen purpose, size, dimension, theme and design in mind while shopping.

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