A Trendy Way of Lighting up Your Kitchen
A Trendy Way of Lighting up Your Kitchen

Kitchen Light Fixtures – A Trendy Way of Lighting up Your Kitchen


Having a single light in the middle of the ceiling is rapidly being replaced by several lights that have their respective functions. This is the trend in modern interior design wherein kitchen light fixtures are used to provide light for different occasion and functions.

A Trendy Way of Lighting up Your Kitchen
A Trendy Way of Lighting up Your Kitchen

There are three types of kitchen lights fixtures namely the ambient light, mood or accent light, or task light. The ambient light is used to light the whole kitchen area. It is a single light which is found at the center of the ceiling. This is the kind of kitchen fixture that is being used in the past few years and it is still being used today, though it has another name.

It is available in different sizes, shapes and styles. These types of kitchen light fixtures are made using different materials like glass and plastic but glass is proven to be the best material of choice for it is easy to clean and it yields better illumination. Plastic, on the other hand, easily turns yellow with frequent use and it could be difficult to clean at times.

There are decorative ambient kitchen lighting fixtures that are available in the market if you want to veer away from the plain glass fixtures. These decorative ambient lights are in the form of ceiling fixtures with light and fan, pot rack lighting, mini chandelier, hanging pendant lamp, wall-washers, and recessed lights.

The pot rack lighting is relatively new and it makes use of the pot rack which is usually installed above the kitchen island, to hold the ambient light as it also functions to hold the pots in your kitchen. The mini chandelier is a group of small lights which is smaller than the real chandelier.

If you want to use recessed lights in your kitchen, make sure that there is enough number of recessed lights that are properly spaced in your ceiling because you’ll need more than one recessed light to illuminate the whole area. The wall-washers, on the other hand, are the wall version or recessed lights wherein the lights are mounted into the wall which gives illumination through reflection.

Working with brighter lights and setting the mood using task lights and mood lights. Task lights and mood lights are other types of kitchen light fixtures. Task lights are supplemental lights that are placed at the different work stations in your kitchen to provide adequate illumination as you work. Ambient lights alone could not render sufficient illumination and they need reinforcement lights so that you could properly work on your kitchen. Examples of task lights are under counter lights and kitchen track lighting.

Mood and accent lights decorate the kitchen and set the ambience during special occasions. Small pendant lights and wall scones are examples of mood lights while accent lights focus on items to highlight these items.

Things to know about the lights in your kitchen
In the past, fluorescent lights are not recommended because it makes everything look bad. But now, new fluorescent lights produce warmer light which makes your kitchen look homey. Your kitchen lights should have dimmer switches so that you could control the amount of light in your kitchen for different purposes.

Your kitchen could be stylish to achieve the modern look and this could be achieved through the use of kitchen light fixtures. Just choose from a wide array of designs to fit your kitchen’s style and needs.

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