How To Install An Outdoor Wall Sconce
How To Install An Outdoor Wall Sconce

How To Install: An Outdoor Wall Sconce


Replacing your outdoor light fixtures is a great way to revitalize your home exterior. Today, we’re going to show you how to replace your outdoor wall sconce. The tools you’re going to need are: A screwdriver Wire connectors Wire strippers and a Level. You may also need electrical tape. The light Fixture we’re installing today is the Meridian Outdoor Sconce by Hubbard-ton Forge.

Hubbard ton Forge is well known for their high quality, handcrafted wrought Ironlight fixtures. They’re durable enough to withstand the elements while adding uniquestyle to your home. The first and most important step of the installationprocess is to turn off the circuit breaker associated with the location of your lightinstallation. Now, detach the light fixture that is currentlyinstalled. Unscrew the light fixture base and disconnect the wires. Woah woah woah, hold up. Cut the music.

How To Install An Outdoor Wall Sconce
How To Install An Outdoor Wall Sconce

That aint right. Upon removing the light from thewall, we found that our light was not installed properly the first time, leaving us with thismess. The problem with this kind of installationis that there is no junction box installed at all. Not only is this not safe and up tocode, but it means we are unable to attach
the bracket that holds the light fixture inplace. If your light was installed correctly and had a junction box behind it, then feelfree to skip this next step. If your light looks like this, then here’s one way to fixthis problem:
The additional materials you’ll need are: A junction box A multi-tool with saw bladeCaulk PaintPlywood
Screwsdrill, and drill bits Now, we’re going to be using the plywood toact as a “frame” for the light fixture. Cut it to your desired shape, size, and paintit to your liking. Make sure to cut a hole in the center of the plywood that is big enoughfor the junction box.

Now trace the edges of the frame on your home. You’ll be using these lines to inform you where to cut into the house. Now cut a hole in the side of your home to fit that fit the frame, removing the sidingand exposing the wall underneath. Cut a hole into that wall that will fit thejunction box. Next install the junction box and pull thewires through.

Now set the plywood frame in the hole, sealingthe inside edges with caulk before placing. Screw it in to secure it and use caulk againto provide a seal around the edges. With the junction box installed and the wiresready, you’re now ready to continue your normal installation. Now simply attach the new light fixture bracket to the junction box. Next, if necessary, assemble the light fixture according the manufacturer instructions.

With the light assembled and the bracket in place, match the wires of the new light fixturewith the wires from the house. Match them up by color- black to black, white to white,ground to ground. Then simply screw the new fixtures onto thenew bracket. Turn the power on, and enjoy. And that’s how you install an outdoor wall sconce. We hope we were of some help todayand we welcome you to join us on our next

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