halogen outdoor lighting for brighter energy savings bonds

halogen outdoor lighting for brighter energy savings bonds


In our present day up and down economy, saving has become the new mantra for each and every family. In addition to saving money, more people are becoming conscious of doing things that are better for the environment in which we live as well. While we constantly hear our government officials tell us we need to move toward cleaner, more efficient ways to produce energy, we seldom think of the quickest ways we can bring about that change and that is by every individual making small changes around their home. One change we could all make that would greatly impact our environment in a positive way is to convert to halogen outdoor lighting.

Since we look to our outdoor lighting for many uses such as safety and security, turning off this lighting would be totally out of the question. Halogen lighting can help offset some of the energy that is wasted on a daily basis by lights that are constantly burning for long periods such as the lighting on the outside of our homes.
halogen outdoor lighting for brighter energy savings bonds
Halogen bulbs save energy basically by being a self contained recycling unit. Regular incandescent light bulbs produce their light by heating up a filament inside the bulb. As time goes by, this filament is weakened from the constant heating and cooling of the wire filament. While a halogen bulb also utilizes a tungsten filament, the combination of the halogen gas and other inert gases inside the bulb serve to prolong the life of the filament. These bulbs will generally last two to three times longer than a comparable incandescent bulb thus helping to offset the greater initial cost.

The halogen gas also burns much hotter than the gases contained in a regular light bulb. This enables the bulb to produce a greater amount of light with smaller energy consumption. So, a one hundred watt incandescent light bulb requires more energy to heat the filament enough to produce the same amount of light as its halogen counterpart.

As time has passed, halogen lighting has become more readily available and the bulbs are available in many different styles and even many different colors. Halogen bulbs are great for use in flood and spot lights thus making them an ideal choice for use in places where security is one of your main concerns. By replacing the lighting around your property with halogen outdoor lighting, you will not only save money, but will be doing a great service to the environment for many years to come.

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