Elegant and Effective Buffet Table Lamps Use

Elegant and Effective Buffet Table Lamps Use


Buffet table lamps can be used as an integral and effective part of any home lighting scheme and although their name might suggest otherwise they are not just for use in the dining room!

The Importance of a Layered Home Lighting Scheme

Before we get down to buffet table lamp specifics, it is important to address the issue of creating on overall lighting scheme for every room in your home. Having just the right light is as important to the overlook of your home decor scheme as is all the right furniture or all the right wall and floor coverings.

A lone central light at the center of the room is not a good way to effectively light any room, even if many homes are built that way. An effective home decor lighting scheme needs to consist of three types of light – task lighting, ambient lighting and a soft central light.

How prominent each type of lighting is in a certain room does depend very much upon the use the particular room is put to. A kitchen certainly needs that central light source but it also needs great focused task lighting around counters and stove tops as well.
Elegant and Effective Buffet Table Lamps Use
If the kitchen also contains a dining area, which many kitchens today do, a nice soft ambient light in that area is a nice touch as well.

Task lighting is also very important in the bathroom and as most bathrooms these days are a little more luxurious than they used to be then ambient lighting is a lovely touch there as well and of course in the bedroom ambient lighting is a must!

The living room, or family room, may be hardest room in the home to light effectively as so much goes on there. Here a well balanced combination of all three types of lighting really is essential and figuring out just the right one for your home is something that you should give some serious thought to.

Buffet Table Lamps in the Home

Buffet table lamps get their name thanks to the fact that they originally were originally designed to – you guessed it – light up an elegant buffet table. They tend to be long necked lamps with intricate elegant shades and while some of the more traditional options have a distinctly old fashioned charm there are modern choices that are as cutting edge and contemporary as any other type of table light.

Here are some ideas for their use all over the modern home:

Buffet Lamps in the Dining Room

Since this is the room they were originally designed for use it in makes sense that buffet table lamps and dining rooms are a perfect fit. If you have a formal dining room then a great pair of buffet table lamps make a great addition to the sideboard or even to the center of a long table.

If you have a less formal, casual set up though a single buffet table lamp in the center of the dining table can be very effective.

Buffet Table Lamps in the Living Room

Ideally a living room should have ceiling lighting, lighting for end or coffee tables and sometimes even wall lighting for a truly pulled together look, especially if yours id a larger room.

If you shop carefully enough you can often find lighting sets that work together very well. These sets can include buffet table lamps and wall lights or wall sconces and making use of such a set can be a great way to achieve a very attractive, coordinated look with ease.

Buffet Table Lamps in the Bedroom

Buffet table lamps can serve as the task lighting that most bedrooms really need. Even if you use an e reader these days rather than settling down with a paperback book a reading lamp at the side of the bed is still a must for the majority of us and buffet table lights make a great alternative to bland, boring spotlight lamps.

Another place that a buffet table lamp can work very well is on the dressing table or vanity in your bedroom. Again they can provide some much needed task lighting and because they are not in a fixed position you can move them around until you get just the right light to help you achieve the task at hand, whether that is applying make up, styling your hair or just checking your outfit for the day – or evening – ahead.

Lighting a Buffet Table Lamp the Right Way

Once you have found your perfect buffet table lamps you do need to give a little thought to the type of light you want them to give off.

Today’s light bulbs offer a variety of light types – daylight, colored, iridescent – and choosing the right one for each room and its uses is another home lighting must when using buffet table lights and any other forms of lighting.

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