table lamp design ideas ~ Lighting is a very important part of your home’s interior décor and is a key part of the look and feel. Nowadays, more and more people are resorting to using lamps as opposed to chandeliers. Different styles are now the way to go as it

Buffet table lamps can be used as an integral and effective part of any home lighting scheme and although their name might suggest otherwise they are not just for use in the dining room! The Importance of a Layered Home Lighting Scheme Before we get down to buffet table lamp

Why choose a tripod floor lamp? A home can represent many different aspects of life. It can be a family home that needs to be both practical and comforting. It can be a bachelor pad, with high fashion designs and sleek edges. It can be the perfect space for those

Bathroom lighting is often the least adequate in the home as this room may receive the least natural light from windows. Bathroom light fixtures come in many styles, colors, designs and layouts. Even the most choice of homeowners will have many options. Bathroom light fixtures can come as pendant lighting,