Are There Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Kitchens of All Types
Are There Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Kitchens of All Types

Are There Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Kitchens of All Types?


There are many kitchen lighting ideas you can use. Not all of these ideas however are appropriate for your specific kitchen type. You are more likely to find the most suitable fixtures and fixture placements if you know the basic fixture types and what they are good for.

Fixture Types
Choices for kitchen lights used to be simple and straightforward. These days though, there are several different designs and styles to choose from. Here are some of the basic fixture types you can use for kitchens:

Are There Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Kitchens of All Types
Are There Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Kitchens of All Types
  • Pendants are perhaps the most common type of kitchen task lights. These hang straight down from a ceiling and often have decorative shades covering the light bulbs. Because of its design and style, pendants can offer excellent direct light that is perfect for safe and clean food preparation.
  • Lights under top shelves or second level counter ceilings have the simplest designs. These are usually plain bulbs or light sticks that fit inside an open, recessed steel case. These are alternatives to pendant fixtures and are also good options for direct, task lighting.
  • Mini chandeliers can look impressive in a kitchen with wooden elements or traditional themed kitchens. Depending on the design however, not all chandeliers are good for task lighting. They are often best for decorative or accent lighting. You may have to install separate task lights.
  • Ceiling fan lights are both decorative and functional. Aside from being appealing to look at, ceiling fan fixtures also help keep kitchen users cool while consuming less power than an air conditioner. They are also excellent kitchen lighting ideas because they can help air dry wet floors, counters and plates.
  • Scones and other fixtures that can be attached to walls are rarely found in kitchens. They can however be good accents and decorative elements in large kitchens. They can help create the right mood during intimate dinners on the kitchen counter.
  • Rope lights can be used for layered kitchen ceilings. Obviously, these lights aren’t good for task lighting. They do however function well as accent lights. They can give the most dramatic, subdued effect to a kitchen.

Points to Remember
You can create the kitchen of your dreams by matching the right fixture with the purpose you have in mind. Bear in mind though that plans for kitchen light fixtures should always put task lighting as the top consideration. Think only of installing other types of lights once you have effectively provided for task lights.

You can shop for light fixtures in many offline and online stores. It would be a good idea though to have an estimate of kitchen size and dimensions so you can get the most appropriate fixtures. You can bring photos of your kitchen to a showroom so store experts can help you figure out the best options for your kitchen.

Don’t just jump on kitchen lighting ideas. There is no single idea that can fit all kitchen types. You have to tailor fit an idea to your specific kitchen theme, purpose and dimension.

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