6 Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures
6 Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures

6 Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures


Kitchen light fixtures come in different styles, designs and colors. There is a wide variety available and following is a brief description on some of the popular types:

Ceiling Fixtures
Ceiling fixtures are installed to give general lighting to the entire kitchen area. These can be hung over breakfast nook or a kitchen dining table, and are either flush-mount or semi-flush. The former has a glass or diffuser that touches ceiling while in the latter; bowl that projects from the ceiling hangs a few inches away.

Pendant kitchen fixtures are decorative and suspend from the cling. They illuminate the entire kitchen or a specific area, and are mostly fixed above the counter area, island, dining table or food preparation counters. Mini-pendant is the best form of these fixtures and is often used in small congested kitchens. Island light or multi-light pendants are also common, mostly used for spacious kitchens.

6 Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures
6 Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures

Wall Lights
These kitchen light fixtures are installed to the walls, and can be of any size and shape ranging from scone-like pendant, ceiling fixture or chandelier. These are quite common, and often attract attention.

Under-Cabinet Lights
Under-cabinet lights look stylish and illuminate kitchen in a unique way. These can be in the form of slender strips, small recessed disks called pucks, mini track systems, etc.. They supply ‘task lighting’ by focusing on the work surface or counters, without giving shadows. You can also get them installed inside the cabinets.

Recessed Lighting
These are also called can lights and are installed within the ceiling. Recessed lighting is perfect for decorative as well as functional purposes, and are able to give accent, task or general lighting in the entire kitchen.

Track Lighting
Comes in a range of designs and is also known as railing light system. It is available in many shapes and sizes, i.e. short, long, straight or curved. You can hang spotlights or pendants from the track at various locations.

Contact an expert designer to discuss which kitchen light fixtures are best suited to your kitchen.

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